The biggest festival in Paris is Bastille Day, it is the French national day and is celebrated on 14th of July.

On this day, you can see firework displays and a big parade in the centre of Paris.

The parade includes the army, navy and air force. You can even see the French President.


In France they use euros. You can change Hong Kong dollars to euros at any bank.


Paris has cool winters and warm summers.

In the winter you should bring a coat. In the summer you can wear T-shirts and shorts.


You can stay in many different types of hotels, from budget to luxury.

One of the most famous hotels is the Hotel George V.

If you are going to Disneyland Paris you can stay in the Disneyland Hotel.


Paris is in the North of France.

France is in Western Europe. It is close to Germany, Spain and only a short ferry or train ride away from England.

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