England has many exciting foods to try.

Here is some of the different types of food you must try.

When you are in London, you have to try fish and chips.

The fish and chips are deep fried, they are very unhealthy, but also delicious!

England is also famous for roast dinners.

They include, meat, potatoes, vegetables and yorkshire puddings.

You can also try food from around the world in London.

There is food from India, China and Europe available everywhere.

India curries are very popular with English people.

If you want something sweet, you should try the many different pies and cakes.

Pies can be filled with many different things, such as, apples, blackcurrant, and peaches.

For a drink you can try a cup of English tea.

There are many varieties of English tea, such as, Earl Gray, English Breakfast and Ceylon.

You can drink tea with milk or lemon.

For a snack you should try a Devon cream tea.

It's a cup of tea with a scone covered in jam and cream.

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