One carrot =

One serving

Find out all there is to know about carrots below:

Carrots are a type of root vegetable. That means they grow underground. Most people think that all carrots are orange, but they can also be green, yellow or even purple!

You can also buy different carrots in different shapes and sizes. You can get long carrots and short carrots. You can even buy baby carrots.

Carrots are grow all over the world. China grows the most carrots in the world.

Carrots are very good for you. They are low in salt and contain no fat. Carrots contain a lot of vitamin A. Vitamin A keeps your eyes, skin and hair healthy.

One medium carrot is one serving.

You can buy carrots all year round from markets and supermarkets, such as, Wellcome and Park n’ shop.

Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked. They can be eaten as a cold snack or they can be used to make soups, cakes, juices, salads and many other dishes.

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Carrots come in many different colours.

Carrots grow underground


Baby carrots

You can buy carrots in supermarkets

Carrots are good for your eyes ©