Find out all there is to know about cheese below:

Cheese is made from milk. Most cheese is made from cows milk. Some cheese is made from goats milk.

There are many types of cheese, such as, cheddar, stilton, mozzarella and cream cheese.

America makes and eats the most cheese in the world. France is famous for making cheese.

Cheese is good for us. It contain calcium that keeps our bones and teeth healthy. Too much cheese can be bad for us as it also contains fat. Fat can make us fat.

Cheese is available all year round from supermarkets, such as, Wellcome and Park n’ Shop.

Cheese can be eaten cooked or uncooked. You can cook cheese under a grill or in an oven. When cheese is cooked it melts.

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There are many different types of cheese.

Too much cheese can make us fat.

Cheese is good for our bones.

Stilton cheese is very strong and smelly!

You can buy cheese at any supermarket. ©