Find out all there is to know about ice-cream below:

Ice-cream is made from cows milk. it comes in many different flavours. The most popular flavours are strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

Ice-cream is eaten all over the world. People like to eat it when the weather is hot as it helps to cool you down.

Ice-cream contains calcium which is good for your bones and teeth. Ice-cream also contain fat and sugar. Too much ice-cream will make you fat and the sugar can damage your teeth.

Ice-cream is available from convenience stores and supermarkets, such as, 7-11, Wellcome and Park n' Shop. You can also buy ice-cream form ice-cream vans.

Ice-cream is eaten cold. If you cook ice-cream it will melt. People eat ice-cream in cones or in bowls.

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An ice-cream cone

There are many choices of ice-cream.

You can buy ice-cream from an ice-cream van.

Too much ice-cream can make us fat.

Ice-cream is good for our bones. ©