Stanley Main Beach

Stanley Main Beach is near Stanley and Stanley market, it has soft white sand. You can sunbath, play sports or swim in the sea.

Many people go there to see the Dragon boat races during the dragon boat festival.

You can get to Stanley Main Beach by Bus.

Stanley Main Beach

People surfing at Big Wave Bay

View of Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay is in the east of Hong Kong Island. It is very popular for water sports as the waves can get very big.

You need to be careful when you are swimming at Big Wave Bay.

Big Wave Bay is in East Hong Kong Island you can get there by mini-bus.

Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay is near Stanley. It is a very large beach. You can sunbath or swim in the sea.

There is a Tin Hau Temple at Repulse Bay. People believe that Tin Hau protects you when you go out to sea.

You can get to Repulse Bay by mini-bus from Causeway Bay or by Bus from Central.

View of Repulse Bay

Tin Hau Temple

Silvermine Bay Hotel

Silvermine Beach

Silvermine Beach

Silvermine Beach is on Lantau Island. You need to take a ferry to get there.

You can barbecue or swim in the sea.

You can also spend the night in the Silvermine Bay Hotel. ©