What are the different types of pollution in Hong Kong.

High air pollution

Low air pollution

1. Air pollution

Air pollution is when the air gets dirty. People find it hard to breath and you can not see very far.

2. Noise pollution

Noise pollution is any unnecessary noise. Noise can come from construction sites or televisions turned up too loud.

3. Water pollution

Water pollution is when the sea, rivers and lakes become dirty. Fish die and it can be dangerous for people to swim.

4. Waste pollution

Waste pollution is when things are thrown away and not recycled. The land gets filled up with rubbish.

What can people do to reduce pollution?

Remember the 3Rs.


You can use paper on both sides.

You can turn down the air-conditioning.

You can turn off things you are not using.

Use energy saving light bulbs.

An energy saving light bulb.


You can donate old clothes to charity.

You can bring your own bag when you go shopping.


You can recycle paper, plastics and metals in Hong Kong. Just visit the recycling bins in your building or on the street.

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