Dim Sum

Dim Sum is the most famous Hong Kong food.

You get to enjoy many small dishes and share them with your friends. People normally eat Dim Sum for brunch, between breakfast and lunch.

Common Dim Sum dishes include, prawn wraps, tofu skin, chicken feet, pork dumplings, steamed vegetables and various types of noodles and rice dishes.


Street Food

Hong Kong has a lot of street food to choose from. You can find hawkers in many areas of Hong Kong.

Common street food includes, fish balls, curried fish balls, sausages and tofu.

Fast Food

Hong Kong has lots of fast food choices, such as, McDonalds, KFC and Burger King.

You can also try local fast food restaurants, such as, Maxims, Fairwoods and Cafe de Coral.

Too much fast food can be unhealthy .

International Food

Hong Kong has lots of choose of food from around the world.

You can eat sushi from Japan, hamburgers from America, pizza from Italy and curries from India.


Buffet food

Buffet food is very popular in Hong Kong. You pay one price and you can eat as much food as you like.

Most buffet restaurants are in hotels.

Barbecue food

Barbecuing is popular in Hong Kong. You can barbecue at the beach or in parks.

Common barbecue food includes, chicken wings, sausages and fish balls.

People also eat barbecue food in restaurants, such as, barbecue duck and barbecue pork.

Banquet Food

For festivals and celebrations Hong Kong people like to have a big banquet with family and friends. Many people have banquets for weddings.

Banquet food includes, suckling pig, chicken, fish and vegetables.


Hong Kong desserts include, cocoanut and mango puddings, cakes and red bean soups and jellies.


Popular Hong Kong drinks include many different teas. You can drink, milk tea, bubble tea and lemon tea. Teas are drunk both hot and cold.

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